received this book a couple of weeks ago with a bunch of other books that were on my amazon wishlist. i don’t know what exactly made me want to buy this one specifically. i didn’t have it on my wishlist and no one recommended it to me. the cover definitely caught my eye, but that wasn’t it. i actually searched for the title of the novel with the intention of buying it— but i can’t, for the life of me, remember what made me do it!

whatever magical force made me buy this book, i’m so incredibly thankful for it. you have no idea. this book is beautiful. i can relate on so many levels with the protagonist even though i’m not a writer nor a guy. it’s too real, too painfully and beautifully real. i want to finish this book in one sitting, devour it, but i also don’t want to leave it behind. i want to keep reading it for a good long while.

go get it.

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