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sleepmoresleep said: I started your book a few days ago. It's hitting me a few different ways, because only until recently did I begin to imagine it more as an odyssey. I'd say the beginning chapter was appropriately placed. Either he makes it & every obstacle becomes nothing more than a dream, or the beginning has been his dream all along (and either one is, pretty to think so). At the turn of every corner, it seems more a beast, a maze, & a women with hissing snakes for hair than one night stands & simple a man.


That’s a pretty great response. Thanks for reading.


A stubborn summer who refuses to go away means a neglected autumn and then a vengeful winter—leaving only a sweet spring to make the peace.

"I’m stuck with myself for the rest of my life."

- (via nickmiller)

(via nickmiller)


Her eyes fluttered
Around the room
Looking for 
The right place
To land.